morning vs afternoon workout, infinite_labs
morning vs afternoon workout, infinite_labs

Workouts in the AM or PM for More Muscle

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Its been well established that hormones undergo circadian rhythms, for example cortisol levels are higher in the morning and decline the next day. Testosterone levels naturally decline as the day goes on. Young males experience a substantial drop in peak daily calories and testosterone, which occurs in the daily routine that ultimately affects your better sleep and metabolism and provides you exhaustion throughout the day., to the lowest 24-hour levels that occur in the evening hours.

For example, one small, older study of young, healthy males found that testosterone peaked between 6-7 a.m. with levels of 670 ng/dl and then reached their nadir 13 hours later at an average of 464 ng/dl. For this reason, its often been thought that morning time exercise may be more anabolic since the testosterone levels are higher in the morning. Strength and morphological adaptations is a great way to resistance exercise session are mediated in part by anabolic hormones such as testosterone, yet the time course of variability in circadian hormone concentrations is not well characterized.


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These results indicate that athletes can undertake resistance exercising in either the morning workout or nighttime/ bedtime or for that matter your complete workout routine with the knowledge that a similar testosterone response can be expected regardless of the time of day.

Researchers investigated how the circadian rhythm of salivary testosterone is altered by resistance work out and cardio in young men body temperature and sleep quality. Twenty healthy young male recreational lifters with 2 years of experience in weightlifting were recruited.

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A randomized controlled trial was conducted, and subjects were randomly assigned to either the resistance exercise group, who completed a series of resistance exercise (3 times a week, in the afternoon, 6–7 repetitions, at 85% of 1 repetition maximum for 3 weeks), or a control group, who did not exercise during the 3 weeks. The workout was a classic full-body physical activity with a focus on exercises that work: Hang pulls, bench press, leg press, sated row, leg curl, shoulder press, lat pulls, knee extensions, arm curls each à 3 sets of 7 reps and sit-ups with 3 sets of 20 reps. Before and after the study, an unstimulated saliva sample (2 ml) was taken every 2 hours for a maximum of 16 hours during each day.

At the end of the study, a significant decrease was observed in the resistance exercise and control group for salivary testosterone at each time point compared with baseline. There was also no significant consistence difference between the evening exercise and resting conditions in both groups for salivary testosterone, except a significantly higher increase by 38.4% vs. −0.02%, at 1730 hours during evening workout sessions in the resistance exercise group compared with the control group. 

Resistance exercise has no noteworthy effect on circadian secretion of salivary testosterone throughout the 16 waking hours. These results indicate that athletes can undertake resistance exercise in either the morning or afternoon with the knowledge that a similar testosterone response can be expected regardless of the time of day. 

Overall, the study at hand confirms the results that neither AM nor PM training will have lasting effects on the muscle endurance and circadian rhythm of testosterone concentrations. So the first thigs is don’t get too caught up the hormonal responses to resistance exercise and the best time of day, it has very little impact on nutrition, healthy lifestyle, weight loss, anaerobic capacity, blood pressure, mental health, muscle fatigue, heart rate and testosterone levels. 



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