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Exercises for a Brazilian Booty!!

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Benefits of Squats for Women

There’s no question country cutie Carrie Underwood has an amazing voice, but she may just have some of the best legs in the the business too. One of Underwood’s fitness tips for women, is to incorporate squats into their workout program. Most women join a gym for toning or body fat reduction. Unfortunately, the act of acquiring a membership has never accomplished this goal and although it seems quite obvious it is important to mention that one must schedule time to work out on a consistent basis to see lasting results. This can be challenging as most adults have busy schedules complicated by careers, children, etc. Therefore, if your goal is improving body composition (more shapely body with muscle, less fat) it is important to consider the most efficient use of your time before even stepping into the gym.If you don’t already know, one fitness tip for women that all women whom are in shape know is that squats are one of the best leg exercises to build muscle in the lower body. They do not focus on one particular muscle group only, but incorporate all the muscles in the legs as well as works your core.There is no better single exercise for whole body toning and fat loss than the barbell squat.

Beautiful girl in the gymParticipation in a resistance training program results in increases in lean body mass. The majority of previous investigations that have examined the time course associated with muscular adaptations have utilized exercise machines or single-joint movements. Furthermore, the adaptations associated with resistance training in women are not as well understood as those for men. Researchers examined the effects of a four week resistance training intervention on changes in leg lean mass in untrained, college-aged women. Thirty-five women with no previous lower-body strength training experience were randomly assigned to high volume training, low volume training, and control groups. The low volume training group performed five repetitions of two sets per exercise; the high volume group performed an additional two sets per exercise. The training groups performed the barbell back squat and deadlift twice per week for four weeks. The low volume training group performed five repetitions of two sets per exercise; the high volume group performed an additional two sets per exercise. The external loads were increased progressively during each training session. Body composition analyses were performed during pre- and post-testing. At the end of the study, the average leg lean mass for the high volume training group was greater than that for the control group. Collectively, these findings demonstrated that a four week, high-volume training program involving barbell back squats and deadlifts produced small increases in leg lean mass in previously untrained women.The squat really is the Queen of all exercises. It will help you achieve toned legs faster than any other legs exercise as well as boosting your overall strength and power. Make sure you respect the squat though, keep your technique perfect and you should be able to avoid all injuries.
Mota, Jacob A.; Stock, Matt S.; Olinghouse, Kendra D.; Drusch, Alexander S.; and Thompson, Brennan J. (2015) “Leg Lean Mass Adaptations Following Short-Term Barbell Training in Women,” International Journal of Exercise Science: Conference Proceedings: Vol. 2: Iss. 7, Article 70

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