Carotenes and Vitamins... and their essentiality to our life

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We all know the sheer benefits of essential vitamins and their essentiality to our life. However, carotenes are also there to aid in an array of bodily functions and enabling the synthesis of some of the core vitamins. There are two categories of carotenes, namely alpha and beta and we shall explore both of them together with the essential vitamins.

Alpha Carotene

This compound is quite abundantly found in vegetables, ranging from spinach and other green vegetables to sweet potatoes. Throughout these years of research, this compound has earned its reputation for combating free radicals. Moreover, it also has shown very positive results in improving the quality of life in a lot of individuals.

Some researches have also elaborated that this small pigment holds power to thwart several CVDs and the likelihood of cancer as well.

Beta Carotene

Although it is most abundantly found in carrots, the beta carotene is present in a variety of vegetables, as well as fruits. Benefits are pretty much same as offered by alpha carotene, with a remarkable efficiency to boost up the immune system.

Vitamin A

It adds a glow to your skin and makes it healthier than ever before. Moreover, vitamin A ensures that your teeth are stronger. It is quite easily obtainable from spinach, broccoli, carrot, and grapefruit.

Vitamin B

This is a class of vitamins containing eight more chemical structures which are closely related to each other but are distinct. As a whole, vitamin B is very vital for cellular metabolism and is found in an array of fruits, drinks, and vegetables.

Vitamin C

Oranges are the powerhouses of vitamin C. Well, if you do not like oranges, then you could even go for strawberries, peppers, and guavas.

Vitamin C is very necessary to maintain and establish a robust immune system, together with battling against a number of diseases and deficiencies. It also provides strength to your blood vessels, ensuring that they can withhold the blood pressure.

Vitamin D

It is a very critical vitamin, which is responsible for giving strength to your bones. If you are standing firm, it is because of vitamin D. Even though you could get a reasonable supply from eggs, fish, and mushroom, but one of the most generous sources is sunlight.

Vitamin E

Without an efficient blood circulation, you won’t be able to survive. So here comes the role of vitamin E. It makes sure that the blood is flowing with utmost efficiency. Moreover, it also aids in getting rid of the free radicals, which might cause cancer at a later stage.

As far as the sources are concerned, almond bags the top position in terms of vitamin E richness. However, you could compensate it by consuming an array of nuts and tomatoes in particular.

Vitamin K

Green vegetables are considered to be the powerhouses for a number of minerals and nutrients. One of their core advantages is that they offer great assistance in blood coagulation.

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