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Best Post Workout Protein

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Best Post Workout Protein

There is a lot of talk among athletes as what’s the best post workout protein. Many people will advocate post-workout protein supplements to include BCAA’s, glutamine, or whey and casein combinations, but it can be overwhelming to the average consumer as to what to consume post-workout. What’s the best post workout protein supplement combination? Let’s start with whey and casein. Both of these proteins are derived from milk. Both are produced as by-products of the production of cheese. Also, both of them can play a significant role in building muscles and helping your body showcase the results of hard work in the gym or on the track. However, they differ substantially by their nature and the pace at which they are digested. The whey protein is a sprinter, like Carl Lewis, and is ingested very quickly, but it is also short-lived. On the other hand, the process of breaking down casein is a long-run one, as the efforts of a long distance runner. The great thing is that these two proteins can have a complimentary function to simultaneously help you build your muscle mass. The whey protein is quickly absorbed and digested, which means that this protein passes through our stomach very fast and swiftly finds its way to our muscle tissue. Also, it carries a considerable amount of the leucine amino acid. This compound is a strong igniter of protein synthesis. So, it gives our muscle a dope-like effect of short-lived but efficient fill of amino acids. As a result of such a nature of the whey protein, muscles blossom and flourish and grow very fast. However, speed is not everything we need.

The ratio of proteins derived from milk is about 80%-20% in favor of casein. It usually takes a gelatinous form during the dairy processing operation. The peptides and the special casein structures called micelles which have a pretty high solubility in water. Thanks to that, casein is digested at a slower pace, giving our body a substantial and regular influx over a period. A marathon runner needs to save energy and spend it in small chunks to be able to endure the whole race. That is how casein behaves. Even a few hours after you have taken casein, the level of amino acids in the blood will remain quite high, which helps to sustain a balance of amino acids in the body. In addition to whey and casein, glutamine and BCAA’s have been advocated to enhance post-exercise recuperation as well.


best protein, infinite_labs
cientists also believe that the ingestion of BCAA supplements after exercise suppresses the proteins involved in muscle atrophy or breakdown.

BCAAs reduce fatigue and improve performance through preventing serum decline and consequently reducing serotonin levels. When metabolized, BCAA protein supplements promote anabolic hormone profile that causes muscle repairs after intense workouts. Scientists also believe that the ingestion of BCAA supplements after exercise suppresses the proteins involved in muscle atrophy or breakdown. Subsequently, athletes who take BCAAs do not experience much of the post-workout soreness associated with muscle wastage and repair. It is important to note that the metabolism of Branched Chain Amino Acids takes place in the skeletal muscles, a contrast to other amino acids whose breakdown occurs in the liver. Hence, metabolism of BCAAs is quick and efficient, a characteristic that favors anyone in an intense exercise program.

best protein, infinite_labsIt seems like all of these post workout supplements are critical for muscle growth and recuperation, but if you had to take just 2 of these, its appears that whey and casein post workout protein supplement is superior. Researchers examined the effects of whey protein supplementation on body composition, muscular strength, muscular endurance, and anaerobic capacity during ten weeks of resistance training. Thirty-six resistance-trained males followed a four-days-per-week split body part resistance training program for ten weeks. Three groups of supplements were randomly assigned, prior to the beginning of the exercise program, in a double-blind manner to all subjects: 48 g per day carbohydrate placebo, 40 grams a day of whey protein + 8 grams of casein, or 40 grams of whey protein + 3 grams branched-chain amino acids + 5 grams L-glutamine. At 0, 5, and ten weeks, subjects were tested for fasting blood samples, body mass, body composition, one repetition maximum (1RM) bench and leg press, 80% 1RM maximal repetitions to fatigue for bench press and leg press, and 30-second Wingate anaerobic capacity tests. At the end of the study, whey and casein combination experienced the greatest increases in lean mass and fat-free mass. Significant increases in 1RM bench press and leg press were observed in all groups after ten weeks. In this study, the combination of whey and casein protein promoted the greatest increases in fat-free mass after ten weeks of heavy resistance training. Athletes, coaches, and nutritionists can use these findings to increase fat-free mass and to improve body composition during resistance training. So there is no doubt that adding glutamine, and BCAA’s are useful for training, but the core supplements that are the best post-workout protein’s should be your whey and casein supplements. By consuming a good whey and casein based post workout shake

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