Keto Diet: The Keto Diet and its Impact on Our Health

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The Keto diet encourages you to follow LCHF rule and as strange as it may seem, it aids you to lose weight while maintaining an array of bodily functions. LCHF means a diet which is low in carbs, but high in fats.

When you eat something rich in carbohydrates, it is immediately converted into glucose, and when it gets assimilated into the bloodstream, your blood uses it to release energy. It must be remembered that when glucose is present in the body, your natural mechanism prioritizes to use it as the first resort of energy. Which means that it does not tend to break down larger fat molecules which are already stored in the body. So the deposits stay wherever they are inside your body and whatever you eat, is used to release energy. Keto diet does the opposite. It provokes your body to break fat into useable energy.

It must be noted that by following this routine, we do not aim to get rid of the daily calorie count. In fact, we just starve our body of carbohydrates. When it happens, ketosis occurs in the liver which pushes your body into a metabolic state. As a result, fats are broken down (in the liver) and are utilized for providing energy. If you pursue this diet, it will a have a variety of effects on your body, two of them are listed below.

Testosterone Level
Whether you pursue a very well-regulated keto diet, advised by a physician, or you just diminish a number of carbohydrates in your diet, the testosterone level will decrease. If it doesn’t decrease, then it won’t even increase. That is for sure. Since a particular keto diet suggests that you should reduce carb intake to about 5%, you should keep in mind that the testosterone level will also drop by approximately 95%. Which is very significant. Therefore, there are two perspectives of pursuing this diet. Firstly, it assists in shedding off the extra pounds, and secondly, it drastically reduces the testosterone level.

Since the majority of the diet plans for diabetic patients, strictly focus on weight loss, you might be amazed for how could a fat based diet aid in diminishing the intensity of diabetic symptoms. Well, I have already discussed that process at the beginning of this article.
Several studies have shown that if you depend on ketogenic diet, it will not only regulate your blood glucose level, but it will also assist in keeping a strict check on insulin levels. Of course, there is no need for an excess of insulin when the primary energy source is fat. You must have seen that the doctors often advise to cut down carb intake when the patient is diagnosed with diabetes. It implies that to prevent the sudden boost of blood glucose level; you need to change your primary source of energy (i.e. follow a ketogenic diet)
However, you should be curious about not overloading your gut with a wealth of saturated fats. Always prefer the type of fat which is heart-friendly. Otherwise, instead of treating diabetes, you might end up worsening your heart’s condition.

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