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nutrition tips

4 Unusual but Effective Nutrition Tips

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You can read all the training articles you want and stock up on as many supplements as you can afford. What you should know is that if your nutrition isn’t on point consistently, then you’re wasting time and money because you won’t reach your full potential. Use these nutrition tips to get yourself on track and stay there!

By Roger Lockridge

Eating healthy is a topic that appears easy on the surface but once you start trying to do it, there are other factors that you may not have considered. These factors can affect you and lead you to making wrong decisions. While reading these tips might appear strange, they are effective and the sooner you apply them, the better your results will be.

Train and Eat a Healthy Meal Before Going Grocery Shopping

One of the most common nutrition tips we’ve heard is that we shouldn’t go grocery shopping while we’re hungry. Our appetites will lead us astray from our fitness ambitions in favor of more convenient and tasty choices. This tip takes that previous one to a new level. If you have a great workout and follow that up with a nutritious meal to help with recovering from that gym session, you will have momentum and won’t want to lose it. This is exactly why you need to go get your groceries at this time. Every choice you make will be influenced by what you did over the last few hours and will benefit you over the course of the next few days or weeks.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

This is a nutrition tip that will benefit the younger folks reading this starting college or living on their own for the first time. If your kitchen has piled up dishes and counters covered with different items, then you won’t want to clear space to prepare a meal. You’ll go for the first thing you see that can be microwaved and consumed to save time.

Keeping your kitchen organized will help because you’ll know where everything is, have plenty of space, and will be motivated to use it. You can also take the time to prepare future meals for later so you won’t have to use the kitchen as often and will take less of your time keeping it tidy.

Make a Calories/Exercise List

So you’re thinking about having a pizza or big burger at a time that wasn’t a part of your plan. This is when a list like this would be handy. Next time you’re doing cardio, track your time and the calories burned. Let’s say you burn 300 calories over the course of 30 minutes as an example. Now let’s say you want to eat a Whopper. That burger could be as much as 700 calories. If you throw the fries and a soft drink in, then you’re looking at close to 1200. That would be two hours of cardio!

Next time you’re faced with temptation- remember this nutrition tip- make a list of the things you’d be most tempted to eat, the calories of that food, and the time it would take to burn that off. You’ll look at that and all of a sudden salads don’t look so bad!

Keep Your Goals On Your Fridge

You know what your goals are and likely keep them somewhere that you see them often like on your phone or mirror. Make a copy of that list and place it on your fridge too. At the bottom of that list should be this question.

“Will the food I plan to grab get me closer or further away from my goals?”

This subtle reminder can possibly help you avoid caloric disaster and make a choice that will help your cause. You can re-word that question or statement so it motivates you. As long as it’s something positive and reinforces what you want and why you want. At the end of the day, you’re going to get what you want – the food or the victory. Which taste is better for you?

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