shoulder workout
shoulder workout

Supersize Your Shoulders with this 6 Move Finisher Shoulder Workout

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If you get excited about training like I do, then you know that feeling of adrenaline or the rush that comes with the first serious set of the day. Keep the adrenaline pumping all the way to the end of your shoulder workout with this 6 move finisher!

By Roger Lockridge

Unfortunately that same excitement doesn’t come with the last set of the day. It almost feels like a disappointment that it’s over with that final set. This is why finishers are something you should consider. As opposed to a straight set, a finisher calls for you to go all out all the way until the final rep is done. If you perform a finisher right, then you’ll feel exhausted and wouldn’t be able to complete another rep even if you wanted to. The good news is that you’ll leave the gym knowing you gave it your all and actually broke a sweat!

For example, you can perform this six part finisher at the end of your shoulder workout. This one is pretty simple to do. All you need is a barbell, two pairs of dumbbells (one pair around 10-15 pounds heavier), and a weight plate. You’ll hit all three heads of the shoulder within a few minutes. There’s no rest between any set of this circuit. The only time you have is the time to transition from one exercise to the next. As for the weight you use, you should be close to failing by the time you perform your last rep but still be able to get it without cheating.

Part 1 – Rear Delt Barbell Rows – 12 reps

The differences between this version and the traditional barbell row are that your hands are wider apart and you’re pulling up to your upper chest to place emphasis on the rear delts. You should be bent over at close to 90 degrees. Don’t let the weight touch the floor at the bottom of the rep.

Part 2 – Close Grip Upright Row – 12 reps

With this movement, your hands should be close together with only a few inches of space between them. Also, lean forward slightly to keep the focus on the shoulders. If you have to jerk the weight up, go lighter. The top of the rep is when you reach your chest with the bar. Squeeze the delts at the top and slowly lower the bar back down.

Part 3 – Lateral Raise – 12 reps

Perform the lateral raises with the lighter dumbbells. Make sure your pinkies lead the way so the tension stays on the side delts instead of the front of the shoulder.

Part 4 – Partial Lateral Raises – 12 reps

This might be new to you. Grab the heavier dumbbells. Start a lateral raise like you would normally but stop halfway. Try to hold the weights there for a second before lowering them back down. These partials will torch your side delts after doing those full laterals before. Don’t jerk the weights up and try to use momentum. Consciously try to lift the weights with proper form.

Part 5 – Full Front Plate Raise – 12 reps

We’re coming down the home stretch. For the front delts, we’re going to isolate them with raises. Using a plate and holding it by the sides will help you keep the tension where you want it. On the way up, go ahead and raise it up to about forehead level. Pause at the top before slowly lowering it back down. Don’t let the plate touch your body. Stop just short before performing the next rep.

Part 6 – Bus Drivers – 20 seconds

Holding the plate with the same grip you did for the raises, hold it at shoulder height. Your arms should be parallel with the floor. Turn the plate like you would a steering wheel until your left hand is at the top. Now turn it until your right hand is at the top. This is one rep. Perform as many reps as you can for 20 seconds. Don’t stop at any point until the time is up. Once you finish this shoulder workout your shoulders will be done!

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