Update on the Rouge-Orleans 126.6 Ultra Marathon Team - Infinte Labs
Update on the Rouge-Orleans 126.6 Ultra Marathon Team - Infinte Labs

Update on the Rouge-Orleans 126.6 Ultra Marathon Team

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It’s a mere 30+ days til the big day, let’s check in with Infinite Labs’ #TeamInfiniteForce for an update on what the team is up to.

This past week, they added a teammate to the mix. Welcome Jason Duet. We will let him introduce himself!

I did some occasional running in high school and college, but did not truly start my “running career” until I was 24. It started at Fat Harry’s Bar and Grill in New Orleans, went on hiatus for a couple years after Katrina, started back up at Happy’s Irish Pub in Baton Rouge (notice a theme here?), took a detour onto the trails that continues to this day, and somewhere along the way I decided it would be fun to run in sandals. My philosophy is that I could have the greatest workout routine in the world, but if it wasn’t fun for me there’s no way I’d stick with it, and my fitness routines are a direct result of that. After attempting to follow countless training routines outlined in the running books I’ve read, I finally settled into my current “non-rigid” routine. I love being outdoors, especially the woods. So trail running is a natural choice for me, and I love the benefits of the stability and agility it provides me as opposed to road and track running (although I still utilize these occasionally). And as anyone who knows me is aware of, I very much dislike wearing shoes (insert Cajun joke here). So running barefoot or in my Unshoe sandals (my preferred footwear for 10k and under distances) has been part of my routine for years as well and has greatly contributed to my core and leg stability as well. My current goals are to run a Boston qualifying time in the next 2 years, run a sub-40 minute 10k, and training for my 2nd trail 50k in April.

Age: 34
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 145 lbs
Location: Baton Rouge, LA


From Team Captain, Ashley Lauing:
This week I was able to do more running, just about 40 days before the race! Per doctors request I started easily and kept all of my runs under 2 miles this week and did interval running to get there. I combined it with weight training and got 6 workouts in this week. Part of my struggle with the race prep has been in trying to lose weight beforehand, I’ve been combining my workouts with Final Cutz and Final Form from Infinite Labs. I’m getting closer to my goal weight and still able to maintain my muscle and endurance along with it. The tendonitis in my leg is getting better, I pushed a little hard this week but overall everything seems to be improving!!

Adding our final member to the team made a huge difference for my mental state. Jason seems like he’s going to be an excellent addition to our team! Now all we have left to do as a team is run and at less than 30 days away things are getting pretty exciting!

Infinite Athlete Manny Lirio:

This week I started running again after a 6 weeks hiatus. I made the transition into barefoot/minimalist running about five years ago. I went from the traditional shoe into the Vibram five fingers, then into a full minimalist shoe. I found the minimalist shoe toe box to be more comforting and it allowed for socks where the Vibrams did not. Longer distance running in the Vibrams was cause chaffing in my toes. However, a lesson learned from the previous ultra relay race was that the need for a bit of cushioning after the first couple of legs. The short breaks between legs cause some discomfort and cramping that I think can be alleviated by a little cushioning. After a brief conversation with some of the solo ultra runners, I decided to give Hoka One a try, after all the guy who came in first place for the 100 mile individual ultra marathon highly recommended it and he has done over 30 ultras in the past couple of years in them. As happenstance would have it, I was shopping around in an outdoors store and found a pair of the Hoka in my size on clearance for 60% off the original price. I picked them up this past fall. I am in the process of breaking them in by changing my original planned running training schedule by running 1.5 miles 5 days in a row this past week and increasing the distance by 1/2 mile each week while running 5 consecutive days. This coming week means I’m running 2 miles each day, Monday thru Friday, the following 2.5, so on and so forth until race week.

Infinite Rep, Brandon Atkins:

This week has consisted of gloomy, rainy, and cold weather. But that did not stop me from getting outside and putting in my miles. I ran a half marathon in a new personal record time, beating the time I set in the half marathon race earlier in December. My weekly mileage has also been going up. I am averaging 40 miles per week and plan on adding more miles per week as the Rouge-Orleans gets closer. I have officially signed up for my second half marathon and I am looking to accomplish another PR in that race. I have also started working on my core muscles by doing planks and weighted sit ups. I have noticed that my speed has increased and I now averaging between the 6:40 to 6:45 range per mile. Training in the coming weeks is going to be tougher than the previous weeks, but it will help me bring my best to the Rouge-Orleans help my team conquer the 126 miles!

We found out that Runner Allen Stewart will not be released by his doctor to run with us in the Rouge-Orleans. We are sad to hear of this news.

Infinite All Around Guy, Mr. 360, Kenny Hinrichsen:

It’s been a crazy hectic couple weeks for me. I was able to get some running done while back home in Kansas, which was much needed. These crazy cold days (and especially mornings) have made training that much harder. I hate the treadmill. But I have gotten some great Oly lifting sessions in. I got a pair of Nike Romaleos for Christmas, and they are so awesomely stable in the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Taking things to a new level on that part of my fitness journey. Building a strong base, those wheelz. It worked to the tune of an 8 min pace for the Lean Horse 100, so hoping to duplicate my success. It’s really not about the running for me. I don’t mind running, but I love the team we’ve got. I can’t wait to compete with them as we blow away the competition in about a month!
Stay tuned for our next blog that will talk about different exercises that will translate into good training techniques for the upcoming season of Mud Running!!!

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