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Training Partners

Training Partners: 5 Ways to Be a Good Training Partner

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While there are a lot of people who pursue fitness on their own, many others want to have training partners for several reasons. Having someone with you as you pursue lofty goals can help with both motivation and accountability.

By Roger Lockridge

One of the best ways to be assured you have good training partners is by being a good one yourself. So follow these cues, make sure whoever you choose to train with does the same, and you’ll both reap the benefits that a fitness partnership provides.

Keep Your Focus on the Gym

We all have bad days and it can be real easy to vent frustration as soon as you walk in the door. Before you show up at the gym, do your best to put whatever is bothering you aside. While you could channel it into aggression towards the weights, it’s best not to burden your training partner with whatever is going on. Unless he or she specifically asks, talk training and then get after it.

Be Considerate of your Training Partners Time

Life happens and things come up we weren’t expecting. You might have to work late, traffic might be stalled, or something with your family comes up. Don’t simply think that your partner was going to be at the gym anyway so there’s no need to give him or her a heads up. Send a message or call to let your partner know you can’t make it. Maybe this will benefit your partner as well. You can then reschedule so the next session can work for you both.

Know How to Spot

Once you start training together, you need to understand how your training partners want you to provide a spot. Some people want you close or making contact for safety and support. Some might not want any assistance at all until failure. Here’s one thing you should know for certain. If it’s a test of strength, don’t make contact until your partner says so. You don’t want to get robbed of a PR because someone jumped the gun and helped.

Give and Expect Honest Assessments

This one can be tough because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. That said, honesty is the best policy and if you’re truly wanting what is best for your partner, you just have to provide the truth. So if your partner’s form sucked or they are doing something they shouldn’t, make the call and say so. Also, make sure your partner is comfortable enough to do the same for you. When you get hit with the truth, it might hurt but be aware that he or she is looking out for your best interests as well.

Be Positive

There’s a reason your partner wants to work with you. It’s so that the fitness experience is a positive one and something that enhances life. Make sure you bring positive energy with you to the workout and are encouraging your partner to do his or her best. Your partner will do the same for you and you both crushing your workouts will mean you both improve which is the long term goal at the end of the day.

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