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Workout Tips

Top 3 Workout Tips: Breathe new life into your stale workouts

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Top 3 Workout Tips

It’s not that there’s anything wrong with doing 3 sets of 10 reps with 1 minute rest between sets but let’s face facts. After doing this for so long the workout gets redundant which can lead to boredom which can lead to a decrease in motivation, and ultimately, finding reasons not to train.

By Roger Lockridge

One big factor that contributes to the productivity of your workouts is that it should be different than what you’re used to. In order to build muscle, burn fat, or improve performance, you must train in a way that challenges your body. These three techniques can help you do just that and will also help you find that enthusiasm to hit the weight room you might be lacking.

Workout Tip: Go From Even to Odd

Have you ever noticed that most workout schemes call for an even number of reps like 12, 10, 8, or 6. Unless it’s the occasional 5×5 or a set of 15, more often than not the workouts call for an even number of reps. Next time you train, decide that every set will be for an odd number of reps. Don’t drop down to the normal below either. If your normal sets call for 10 reps, go for 11. Going up in reps means that you’ll add a little more volume to the set. Now you might think “it’s only one rep. What’s the big deal?” If you do that one rep for every set in your workout, that volume can add up quickly.

Workout Tip: Train with Timed Sets

This is one that seems silly to do until you actually do it. Instead of counting the reps you perform, count the seconds on the clock. Performing sets based on time puts pressure on you to make the set count but can also serve as an opportunity to see just how strong you are. You might find that you’re a lot stronger for a lot longer than you give yourself credit for. If you train with sets in the 4-8 range, shoot for a 15 second time limit with similar weight. If you focus more on 10-15 rep sets, use similar weight and go for 30 seconds. You can also go for the ultimate challenge and try to rep out for 45 or even 60 seconds. Have your partner or spotter count the reps and keep an eye on the clock. Keep notes on how you do so you can try to better yourself next time.

Workout Tip: Go to a Different Gym

Everyone can use a change of scenery every once in a while and this applies when it comes to the environment we train in. You know the machines, the people, and everything else about the gym you currently go to. You can probably drive there blindfolded (don’t try). If you want to find a reason to push yourself to a new level, go to a different gym – even if it’s for a day and you simply buy the guest pass. The different equipment will target your muscles in a new way. Being around different athletes can motivate you to bring it strong. You’ll feel that little extra drive you used to feel when you went to your current gym for the first time. All of these factors can result in a great workout and new motivation to keep that momentum going.

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