The One Factor You Need to Reach Your Full Potential

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When you log on to the internet and search your favorite sites (like for content to help you improve your fitness levels, it can be easy to look for the latest supplement to hit the market or the newest study on the latest diet fad. What many people don’t understand is that what they’re missing is something they don’t even consider. It doesn’t cost a penny to buy and it’s something we all want and are even able to have but we don’t realize it.

By Roger Lockridge

That one factor that could be missing in your fitness arsenal is certainty. That might be confusing but stay with me here because I think you’ll find this can apply to you or at least someone you know. Tony Robbins talks about the six needs that we as humans must satisfy. The first one he discusses is certainty. We want to be certain about our relationships, our kids, our jobs, etc. If you want to maximize your chances of achieving your personal fitness success, you must be certain of three things.

Be Certain What You Want

After we go through our honeymoon phase of training, it can be real easy to fall into a rut and go to the gym simply because it’s a part of our routine. Someone could approach you and ask you what your goal is or what you’re training for and you might find yourself struggling to come up with an answer. This is a surefire way to get stuck in a plateau and not make any progress in any direction. Be certain of what you want to do overall and make sure you’re certain of what you want to do every day when you walk into the gym or begin your personal routine.

Be Certain Why You Want It

Let’s say you and I are having a conversation about your fitness goals. You tell me that you want to lose 20 pounds of fat and I tell you I think you should want to lose 30. If what I say has the power to change your goal then you’re not certain of why you want whatever it is you want. You should be so certain about why you’re pushing yourself day in and day out that nothing I say or do can change your mindset. You should also have your own certain reasons to do it. It can be health, vanity, or function that motivates you. It can be anything else you want too. The main point is, you determine your “why”.

Be Certain That You Can Do it

Think about your favorite celebrity or sports athlete. If you don’t have one then think of someone that inspires you for any reason. That person likely achieved some form of success that they are proud of. Do you think that person would’ve worked as hard as it took to be successful if he or she was doubtful of their chances? Of course not. That person had confidence in his or her ability. You need to develop this same mindset. Why commit to the nutrition, supplements, and all the training if you don’t believe you can reach your goal. Take stock in your ability, determination, focus, and goals. Make the decision that you can do it and do your best to maintain that mindset every day.

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