shoulder workout
shoulder workout

Shoulder workout: 15 Minute Shoulder Shock

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The three shoulder workout exercises are the seated barbell press, dumbbell lateral raise, and face pulls with a rope. If you want to save time from transitioning, use a fitness band and wrap it around a solid object like a rack or machine instead of using the cable pulley for the face pulls. However you set it up, make sure you can get from one to the other without having to worry about anyone taking something you need.

  1. For the first shoulder workout triset, start with the face pulls followed by the lateral raise, and finally the seated barbell press. Perform each for 20 reps with no rest in between. Once you finish the third movement you get one minute to change resistance or add weight to the bar. After you do so, take 30 seconds to sip on your Infinite Force and catch a breath.
  2. For round two, you start with the lateral raises. Seated Barbell Press is second, and face pulls is last. This time you perform 10 reps each with no rest in between. Once that is completed you get another minute to change weight and another 30 seconds to drink and prepare for this last triset.
  3. For the final shoulder workout triset, you start with the Seated Barbell Press, go right into lateral raises, and finish with the face pulls. Now you’re only do 5 reps each. Once you complete this final triset, you’re done for the day.

Choose Weight Carefully

Since you’re exhausting your muscles with trisets in this shoulder workout and are on the clock, be careful how much weight you add. You likely won’t be able to use the same weight on these exercises as you could if you were training in a traditional fashion. Consider that when selecting resistance.

Shoulder workout: 15 Minute Shoulder Shock

Round 1: Lateral Raise, Face Pull, Seated Barbell Press – 20 reps each.

Round 2: Face Pull, Seated Barbell Press, Lateral Raise – 10 reps each.

Round 3: Seated Barbell Press, Lateral Raise, Face Pulls – 5 reps each.

No rest between individual movements during trisets. 60 seconds to change weight and 30 seconds rest between trisets.

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