Shed Fat This Summer with This Outdoor Circuit Workout - Infinte Labs
Shed Fat This Summer with This Outdoor Circuit Workout - Infinte Labs

Shed Fat This Summer with This Outdoor Circuit Workout

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Summer is almost here and we want reasons to be outside, so why not take the training outdoors? This circuit workout isn’t long but it’s intense and will push you to your limits while getting you some extra Vitamin D.

By Roger Lockridge

You can do this circuit workout at a park, a track, or anywhere you have open space. The only equipment you’ll need will be your own body but make sure you bring water and a towel with you because you’ll need to stay hydrated!

Workout and Training

I don’t suggest doing this circuit workout during the hottest part of the day but if that’s the only time you have available, make sure you are close to somewhere shaded so you can avoid the heat if it gets too intense! Also, don’t forget your sunscreen!


Start by walking for 3-5 minutes. Alternate between a normal and brisk pace. If you’re at a track, you can do a lap and be ready. If not, just go by your clock and walk around the space you have. While you’re walking, prepare yourself for the workout. Let anything else in your mind go away and focus on your schedule when you’re done. I need you to lock in mentally before you go physically.

Warm Up

The Workout

You’re going to map out a distance that allows you to perform five rounds of the circuit workout below. Make sure you have plenty of room and won’t interfere with what anyone else in doing if you’re in a public setting like a park. Once you have your space, pick a starting point.

You’re going to start with pushups. Drop and give me 10. Once you do 10 pushups, stand up and start doing vertical jumps. Jump as high as you can, land, reset, and jump again. You’ll do 5 jumps like this. Once you land on the fifth jump, go into a plank position and hold that plank for 20 seconds. After 20 seconds, position yourself to do a long jump. Jump as far as you can safely. This is one round. Wherever you land on your jump is where you start round 2. So the format looks like this.

10 pushups

5 vertical jumps

20 second plank

Long jump.


The Workout

You’re going to do this five times. Each round should take you around 80-90 seconds to complete. After you complete the fifth round, do your long jump, land, and sprint back to where you started because that will also be your finish line.

This will be one circuit. After you complete a circuit, rest for 2-3 minutes before doing this again. If you’re a beginner doing this program, do two rounds. Intermediate and advanced athletes can do anywhere from 3-5 rounds depending on the time you can commit.


Once you finish your rounds, take 3-5 minutes to stretch and take deep breaths. Don’t forget to drink whatever water you have left. You can do this workout 2-3 times a week as an alternative to an indoor cardio workout or as part of your own unique fitness program.

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