Relieve Stress in 3 Minutes! The Office Chair Stretch

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As active and healthy people, fitness enthusiasts look forward to the time they get to train and relieve stress. Whether they train in the morning to start their day or wait until after work to relieve stress of the previous eight to ten hours, fitness is a part of the foundation that helps us move forward. However, there are some days that the stress can take its toll throughout the shift and affect us immediately. It would be great if we could do something that could help us get through these periods so we can move forward.

Good news. There is something you can do and it will take you no longer than three minutes to relieve stress. If you work in the right office environment, you don’t even have to leave your chair. If that isn’t possible for you then go somewhere you can sit for a few minutes without being bothered. Master this protocol and use it on those days you need some immediate relief from the rigors of the day.

Relieve Stress in 3 Minutes Without Leaving Your Office Chair

By Roger Lockridge

relieve stress-deep-breathingDeep Breathing

Sit straight and tall in your chair with your feet flat on the floor. Keep your arms down to your sides or on the arms of the chair. Take a deep breath in and count “one thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three, one thousand four, one thousand five” as you do so. Next, slowly let that air out to the same five second cadence. Repeat three times for a total of thirty seconds.

relieve stress-neck-stretchNeck Stretch

You should still maintain that straight and tall position in your seat. While looking straight ahead, turn your head like you want your left ear to touch your left shoulder. You should feel a stretch in the right side of your neck. Hold this stretch for five seconds or as long as you can. You should feel a stretch but not total discomfort. Return your head to the starting position. Now turn your head the opposite way like you want your right ear to touch your right shoulder. Repeat for the same time you did the left side. Repeat three times per side for a total of one minute.

Relieve-Stress-arm-stetchShoulder and Arm Stretch

Take your arms and stretch them straight out in front of you. Interlock your fingers together. Rotate your wrists so your palms are facing away from you. Stretch out like you’re trying to get your palms to touch the wall. Hold this stretch for 10 seconds. Next, lift your arms straight up while keep your fingers interlocked. Stretch like you want to touch the ceiling. Hold this stretch for 10 seconds. Repeat this three times each for one minute total.

Core Stretch

Sit straight and tall in your chair. Turn your shoulders to the left as far as you can without adjusting your hips or foot placement. You should feel a stretch in your back and midsection. Hold this stretch for 15 seconds. Repeat by turning your shoulders to the right and holding this stretch for 15 seconds for 30 seconds total. This will complete your three minutes.

Focusing on your breathing and stretching your muscles can relieve tension and take your mind off what you’re dealing with for a few minutes at least. When you finish this routine, you should feel more capable of taking on whatever issues you’re dealing with and have a little more energy to boot.

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