Quick Chest Workout
Quick Chest Workout

Quick Chest Workout: The 15 Minute Chest Blast

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The 15 Minute Chest Blast- You look at your calendar for today and you simply can’t find any room in your schedule for that hour you need to train.

Traveling, meetings, practices or games for your kids, and other commitments are all on the agenda. As dedicated as you are to your fitness, life has those days where 24 hours isn’t enough. It happens to all of us. You decide that the biggest opening you would have is for 15 minutes and by that time the gym would be closing for the day.

Before you give up on that workout, think about this. If you could make that 15-minute opening count for something, wouldn’t that be better than not doing anything at all? Of course, training for an hour or even 45 minutes would be best but 15 minutes is still greater than zero. Furthermore, you would win the mental battle of finding a way to train instead of creating an excuse to skip the gym. Great, so it’s decided. Let’s hit some weights. This chest session is short and simple but intense. You’ll need an adjustable bench that you could place in the squat rack, a barbell, dumbbells, and space on the floor. Oh, and make sure you take your Juggernaut X. You’ll be glad you did.

We’re going to train chest and do trisets which is three exercises in consecutive order with no rest in between and minimum time to transition from one exercise to the next. This is why you need an adjustable bench in the squat rack instead of a standard incline bench. This workout will allow you to increase weight as you progress, create an awesome pump, and challenge your cardiovascular fitness. To do this workout, you should have some experience in training and know how to perform these exercises.

Flat Dumbbell Flye – Once you finish your incline presses, pull the bench out of the rack and set it to the flat position. Grab your dumbbells and make sure you have room to perform your flyes without hitting anything or being in anyone’s way.

Pushups – Come on. Do I really need to cover this? I didn’t think so.

Quick Chest Workout: The 15 Minute Chest Blast

Perform each of these three exercises in the order above for 20 reps. Make sure the weight you use is a load you can handle easily. There’s no need to go to failure here. Once you finish the pushups, go right to replacing your dumbbells, putting the bench back in the rack, and changing weights. Remember, you only have 15 minutes.

Your second triset will call for 10 reps of all three exercises. So go heavier with the presses and flyes but make sure you can complete the sets without going to failure. Obviously you can’t change weight on pushups so perform 10 reps in the same style you did the 20 on the last set.

Now it’s about to get real. After you change weights and reposition the bench, it’s time for that final triset. Now you’re going to do 5 sets and since this is the final triset, go heavy. Make sure you have a spotter to help you. Don’t do this alone. You need to give all you have to these last three sets. When you make it to the push ups, place your feet on the bench for an extra challenge. As soon as you finish the fifth pushup, return your weights, clean up after yourself, grab your Infinite Force, and roll out of the gym knowing you made that 15-minute opening in your day productive and worthwhile.

15 Minute Chest Blast Workout

Incline Barbell Press/Flat Dumbbell Flyes/Pushups Trisets

Triset 1 – 20 reps each

Triset 2 – 10 reps each

Triset 3 – 5 reps each

*No rest between exercises during triset. Use time between trisets to adjust weights and bench.

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