post workout recovery
post workout recovery

Post Workout Recovery: Your Road for Recovery

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If you were asked what you do before you step in the gym or weight room, you can likely recite your routine without any hesitation. You probably know how many minutes beforehand you start taking your pre-workout supplement, know the exact mileage between wherever you are and the gym, and know which machine you step on to warm up every single time. But what if someone asked you about recovery? Would you be able to answer that question the same way?

By Roger Lockridge

Yes, there might not be as much anticipation once the training is done but that doesn’t mean recovery is any less important. If anything, the argument can be made that recovery is even more vital. Recovery is important because the muscles are already broken down from what you did during the training. It should be obvious that if they don’t recover then you won’t be optimally prepared for your next training session. Implement these recovery options into your overall plan so you can reap the benefits sooner rather than later.

Post Workout Recovery: Foam Rolling

Foam rolling can be implemented on either end of the training session and you will see benefits. However, you should consider it as a part of your post-workout protocol. Foam rolling is a self-myofascial release method that physical therapists and trainers like to have clients perform on active muscles. Fascia is a thin layered skin that surrounds your muscle tissue. Preventing it from getting tight allows more blood to reach the tissue so it can recover from the rigors of training. Furthermore, it can prevent inflammation of the connective tissues and ligaments. It can also serve as a self-massage strategy in case you can’t book an appointment with a massage therapist. Work the roller in while you’re stretching after your last set.

Post Workout Recovery: Supplements

You likely have a favorite pre-workout supplement that you’re absolutely loyal to because of how it made you feel when you were ready to go. Do you have a favorite post-workout supplement? If not, you should try to find one now. Post-workout supplementation is the key that will unlock all of the potential you try to create when you’re performing reps. Ingredients like creatine, glutamine, amino acids, and slow-digesting carbs can all play a positive role in helping your maximize those gains. One great product you should consider is MASSPORT from Infinite Labs because it has all of those ingredients in one complete formula. Whatever recovery supplement you choose, make sure that you take it to the gym with you so you can start on it as soon as you finish the workout.

Post Workout Recovery: Sleep

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” “I don’t have time to sleep.” You’ve heard all of the statements like this that make the person saying them appear more “hardcore”. The fact is that sleep is crucial for recovery from training. When the body is in a relaxed state, it is in the best position to recover from the onslaught that you went through during the day. While this one appears to be common sense, there are still many people out there who feel like sleep isn’t that important so a reminder never hurts. Six hours is a minimum but eight would be best so you can be best prepared for tomorrow’s session.

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