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Not Improving? Ask Yourself These 10 Questions (Part 2)

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In my last blog I covered the first half of the 10 questions you should ask yourself if you’ve hit a rut and stopped seeing improvement with your fitness levels. Hopefully your self-reflection has provided you some answers so far.

By Roger Lockridge

We’re now ready to cover the second half of those questions. As with the first five, these five should help you evaluate your entire fitness game plan and make adjustments so you can get back on your road to personal fitness success.

6. Should I change my supplement plan?
The key to a successful supplement plan is that you remain aware that they “supplement” your training and nutrition efforts. That said, the right supplements can take your results from good to great. As your fitness levels improve, you should be stepping up your supplement program accordingly. Once you advance, you should start adding more to your cabinet as long as it works with your budget. The great news for you is that is THE place that can help you on all fronts so evaluate all of the options that are provided here. It would be impossible to address all of the needs of everyone in one post but there is a lot of great info here for anyone to learn more about his or her own goals and which supplements would be best.

7. Do I know anyone who has done what I want to do?
Blueprints are great when it comes to reaching goals. If someone has already forged a path to success, it can be a great resource to learn from. It would be difficult to emulate everything that person did but you can certainly see what has worked and what mistakes were made so you can adjust your own strategy and possibly avoid more road blocks later on. Find someone either in person or online that has achieved results like those you want and try to dig deeper into the how’s and why’s of his or her success.

8. Do I need a coach or trainer?
Before I get into this, let’s put this in perspective. Every champion in major sports has a coach. Tiger Woods had a coach that helped him perfect his swing on the way to numerous golf majors. Stephen Curry is a shooting marvel but without Steve Kerr he might not have won two NBA titles. You get the point? At some point, we can all benefit from having another perspective outside of ourselves. This isn’t me saying “go hire a trainer now”. I’m only suggesting that you at least give it some thought.

9. How much negativity am I dealing with?
The biggest killer of dreams is doubt. Whether that negative force is from within or around us, it’s a fact nonetheless. If the majority of the noise you hear is from people saying this is impossible for you, it might fire you up to prove them wrong at first but eventually it can get to you. Then that echoes in your own head. Consider that and if you find there are a lot of negative forces around you, deal with it immediately. Start and end your day with a motivational video or quote, tell yourself over and over that you can do it and will. Inspiration is individual based so even if it something that others might think is crazy, go with it if it works for you.

10. Am I improving at all?
This is the last question and it might be confusing but go with me on it. Many of us have a certain goal that we want and zone in on that like a target. When we don’t find ourselves getting closer, it can be frustrating for all the obvious reasons. Let’s say your goal is lose 30 pounds and after 15 you’re stuck. You can’t get to 16 and it’s aggravating as can be. Could it be that you’re starting to gain muscle? Perhaps you’re getting stronger or your time running is getting better. Make sure you evaluate all aspects of your fitness because you might be succeeding in other ways and not noticing. This is similar to not seeing the forest for the trees. This other success could be preparing you to get back on track with that original goal so appreciate your own efforts in these ways as well. That momentum can very well kick start you to move forward with that major goal you had.

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