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The aim of Fitbit is to track each activity that you perform throughout the day. Let it be eating, walking, jogging, hopping, jumping, sleeping or anything related to your health. It monitors whatever you do in order to keep healthy, and once you are healthy, it means that you are not overweight. Because obesity is against the concept of ‘being healthy.’

As the name suggests, this revolutionary technology in Fitbit devices allows you to measure the heartbeat right at your wrist. The device does not synchronize its reading with the actual heart rate every minute, but every second. That is exactly what makes Fitbit’s devices one of the most reliable ones.
By measuring the heart rate, you would be able to determine whether your exertion level is within the suggested boundaries or not. For instance, if it stays at around 72 while ‘exercising,’ then it means your exertion rate is not optimum, and in order to lose weight, you need to get the heartbeat up. Once your heartbeat touches the required count for an average exercising person, it means that you are burning the right amount of calories.

When you exert, your heart pumps the blood rapidly, and for it to do the task most efficiently, it needs a break after some time. Therefore, by measuring your heart rate and time, the device will tell how long you should rest in order to avail the required breathing session(s).
The technology also nests a calorie counter, displaying a number of calories you have burned throughout the day until that instance.

This is the ‘heart’ of Fitbit as it provides you with a comprehensive overview regarding your progress. Unlike other apps and tools, as soon as you start doing something, it detects the type of your activity and starts monitoring your progress throughout that particular phase. For instance, if you sleep, jog and travel on a bicycle on a particular day, the device will automatically collect data for how long you have slept, how many steps you traveled, and many miles have you bicycled throughout the day. At the end of the day, it will present all of this data together with a number of calories burnt. Now this is huge, isn’t it?

Sleep Tracking
It may freak you out but here is the truth. If you want to lose weight, you are aiming to be healthy, and if you want that, then you want a perfect lifestyle, and that requires quality sleep as well.

Often we fall asleep without noticing the time. Well, that period has long gone. This technology automatically records the duration and different stages of your sleep. Moreover, it also sets silent arms, enabling you to enjoy a perfect sleep. Don’t worry; you won’t get up boozing.
Based on your activity, it will also urge you to stay on the track and get reasonable sleep hours, whenever you tend to miss it. All this is very important to maintain health and get enough energy for working out the next day.

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