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Best Exercises for Weight Loss - Infinte Labs

Best Exercises for Weight Loss

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Losing weight (healthily) is a boon that comes as a result of various lifestyle practices, exercising is just one of them. But we do not only wish to lose weight; we want to maintain it as well. Therefore, in order to do that, our aim should be to incorporate only those valuable exercises which could be practiced on a daily basis. I mean we all know that mountain climbing aids in burning a bunch of calories, but that cannot be a part of daily exercise routine. So we have to be rational.

Apparently, it is a fundamental exercise, and you might question its credibility in hardcore weight loss practices. But since it puts quads, hamstrings and gluteal region muscles to work, you could rely on it.
• Stand straight
• Keep some distance between your legs
• Let your hands fall on the hips (you could carry a weight as well)
• Take a directed step towards the right leg
• Do not bend your back
• Lower your body and make sure it makes a 90-degree angle with your front leg
• Stay in this position for a few seconds
• Pull yourself back to the starting position and repeat this with your left leg

When it comes to weight loss, squatting is among those exercises which are always above the par. People do not perform it correctly. Otherwise, it puts the whole of your lower body and core to sweat.
• Stand straight with your feet apart
• Either hold some weight in your hands or let them fall freely on your sides
• Begin to lower your legs and raise your arms by exerting weight on the heels
• Make sure that the back is straight and your thighs are parallel to the surface
• Throughout this time, your toes and knees must be in line
• Do not perform any of the steps abruptly
• Get back to the initial position where you were standing
If you wish to aggravate the level of calorie burn, you could add lunge and a jump to include more muscles in the workout.

Jump Rope
They say, traditional exercises are the most beneficial ones, and they are right! You must have done it in your school gym class, but let me just explain the steps once again.
• Ensure that the length of the rope is sufficient for your height and that the tool (rope and handle) is perfectly aligned
• Your feet should be together, in line
• Hold the rope by its ends
• Your elbows should be turned inwards
• Swing it over your head and hop over it

If you have never done it before, then it might be challenging to synchronize with the swing movement. However, if you pay attention, it won’t take long.
Furthermore, apart from these fat burning exercises, you should also focus on building muscle mass. Exercises like planks and crunches ensure that you develop muscles and as a result, aid in trimming your belly by utilizing the energy to build mass.

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