Back workout
Back workout

Back Workout: 15 Minute Back Blast

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Let’s not let the title fool anyone. If you want to build an impressive and stronger back, it takes more than 15 minutes of back exercise a day. It takes longer sessions over a long period of time to achieve that kind of development and building muscle. That being said, we also understand that bodybuilding and powerlifting athletes also work regular jobs, have families, and take part in other commitments that leave little room in their daily schedules.

With everything you have going on in your day, it can be easy to use the lack of time as an excuse to pass the gym on your way home. Or at least it was. While we admit 15 minutes isn’t much time to get a good back workout in, it beats 0 so here is a back training session that will have you working from start to finish with that finish being at around 900 seconds. Don’t forget to take your Juggernaut-X. You’ll need for stronger back and reduce your back pain with building muscle capacity. Juggernaut X improves your muscle growth and work excellent on your upper as well as lower body. 

Superset 1 – Pendlay Barbell Row and Pullups

Pendlay Rows are different than traditional barbell rows because they start from the floor instead of knee level. They will challenge your entire upper back and abs from top to bottom and they’re great for improving both muscle group power and size. Prepare your barbell with a weight that will challenge you at around 10 reps.

You know what pullups are. Have your barbell with you at the pullup station so you save time moving from one exercise to the next. Knock out as many pullups as you can until you reach failure. If you can’t do pullups you can either use an assistant or do the pulldown version with a weight that will result in failure around 10 reps. Use whatever grip you prefer. I like doing pullups with a neutral, hammer grip.

Back Workout Superset 2 – Deadlift and Dumbbell Pullovers

Deadlift is one of the best back exercise to isolate the lower back muscles without placing a serious burden with heavy weights on torso. Dumbbell Pullovers are legendary for their ability to help athletes improve not only their lats but the entire upper body posture and shoulder-width. Doing these movements back to back will be intense but worth it when you see the results. Perform 15 reps with the hyperextensions either using your own bodyweight or by holding a plate for extra resistance.

Starting position, lie across the bench with a dumbbell row in both hands. Make sure your hips are low so you maximize the stretch in the back. If your gym has a pullover machine, use it instead. 6x Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates was a major advocate of the machine version. Perform 15 reps for this back exercise as well for back strength, glutes, biceps, shoulder blade and upper body physique.

The Details

You’ll perform three strength training supersets of each pair of back exercise. So you’ll start with the Pendlay Rows and immediately perform your overhand Pull-up after. Rest for 30 seconds between your supersets. This same protocol applies to your supersets of Deadlift and Dumbbell Pullovers. By the time you finish the last superset, you will have completed 12 individual sets and within 15 minutes of starting.

Back Workout: 15 Minute Back Blast

Pendlay Barbell Rows/Pullups – 3 supersets of 10 reps each.
Hyperextensions/Pullovers – 3 supersets of 15 reps each.
*No rest between exercises during supersets. 30 seconds rest between supersets. Remember range of motion is important. 

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