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Aquatic exercise is known by many names – aquatic therapy, water therapy, hydrotherapy. This form of exercise which uses water as its essential element has actually been around for hundreds of years. Whirlpools, water spas, roman tubs, common bathtubs, and swimming pools are only a few examples of hydrotherapy. But these are of a less professional setting, however. When used in formal therapy exercises, aquatic exercise equipment are a bit more complicated.

How are Aquatic Exercise Equipment used?

The basic function of aquatic exercise equipment is to manipulate water temperature and its agitation in order to achieve the goal of each hydrotherapy session. When coupled with agitation and vibration, the water temperature can help soothe and relax muscles.

However, the greatest advantage of using aquatic exercise equipment for hydrotherapy is not that it can help relax muscles. What makes this form of exercise truly great is the buoyancy that water provides. Creating an environment that reduces the stress on the muscles when you perform aquatic exercise routines. It’s wonderful and yet so simple.

Warmer water along with aquatic exercise equipment induces vasodilation. Meaning your veins expand, thus allowing your blood to flow more freely towards target tissues. Increased blood flow delivers needed oxygen and nutrients as well as remove cell wastes. What’s more, the increased temperature decreases muscle spasms, relaxes tenses muscles, relieves pain, and increases range of motion.

On the other hand, when combined with cold water, aquatic exercise equipment can cause vasoconstriction. Which slows circulation reducing inflammation, muscle spasm, and pain.

What are Aquatic Exercise Equipment?

Because they would be used while the person is in the water, aquatic exercise equipment are often made of plastic material. These products are also non-motorized. Other than these distinctions, aquatic exercise equipment are really just any other exercise equipment. The kind you find in a typical gym or fitness center.

Here are some top picks:
  • Hydro-Tone Hydro-Bells. Similar to dumb bells, hydro-bells are a type of aquatic exercise equipment. Made of plastic and hi-impact polypropylene with UV and chlorine resistance factors. As hydrodynamic resistors, the hydro-bells feature a three dimensional configuration. Designed to enhance and take advantage of the total resistance field of water.
  • AquaJogger New Fitness System for Men. This is a set of aquatic exercise equipment that includes a pro buoyancy belt, delta bells, aqua runners RX, a getting started video, and water workout guide. The pro buoyancy belt is strapped around the waist. It helps strengthen the muscles of the stomach and lower back as well as improve vertical lift. The delta bells, on the other hand, are hand gear that provides upper body workout. To make the most of this new fitness system from AquaJogger, the aquarunners RX, foot gear for a lower body workout, should be used simultaneously with the pro buoyancy belt and delta bells.
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