Abdominal exercises: How to Get 8 Pack Abs

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Abdominal exercises

If you wish to gain 8 pack abs, then everything reduces down to just two primary factors. Firstly, you need to get some muscles around the belly in order to make the packs visible. Secondly, the fat content should be low to make your midsection more appealing and prominent. So that is how you get to it. But here is the question. How would you attain these two features?

Leg raises
I call it the most portable of all exercise. Just think about it for a while. You do not even need a dedicated venue or prop to practice this exercise. There are many variants of leg raises, but let me just point out two of the easiest ones:
1. Lay on a flat surface. Bring your knees to the abdominal region slowly. When the knees are rightly above your belly, squeeze. After repeating this for about 8 times, try to get perpendicular to the ground to exert pressure on the abdominal region.
2. Hang down from a bar and raise your legs (try to bring them perpendicular to your abdomen). No doubt this is tougher than the previous one. As soon as you get tired, fold your legs to relax for a while and continue an intense calorie burn.

These are great for your abdomen as well as back muscles and pelvic region. Even if you start from 5 planks per day, it is good as long as you keep on progressing on a daily basis. By the time you hit 30 planks per session, it is time to introduce a hurdle.
After getting into the usual start position, ask someone to place weight on your back. Let it be 2KGs if you are a beginner and then keep on regularly increasing to exert more and burn more calories.

Among all the exercises, the crunch is not only the most popular one, but it guarantees you the 8 pack abs. The only condition is to do it perfectly.
Once again, just like planks, crunches also offer a variety of ways to be performed. One of them demands you to lay on a flex ball while supporting your feet on a bench. You could start it as it is or if you want to add another level of difficulty, just place a weight on your chest to get more resistance. Now, expert!

This is probably the most orthodox type of exercise in this list. Well, the simplest form of sit-ups demands you just to sit and stand at a single position. You could add a variety of modes to boost up the exertion level.
For instance, you could place a weight bar on your shoulders or just hold one in your hands to balance the rod while performing sit-ups.
It is important not to perform a single exercise and skip out the rest. Give yourself at least 30 minutes daily and keep on increasing the toughness level. Do not pause for more than twenty seconds between each exercise.

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