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The Benefits of Mucuna Pruriens for Muscle Mass

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Feeling ProudThe Benefits of Mucuna Pruriens for Muscle Mass

by: Robbie Durand

Mucuna Pruriens is a bean like plant that has been used in ayurvedic medicine since ancient times.It most commonly grows in the tropics, including the Bahamas as well as India. It has been used as a treatment for Parkinson’s disease but it also has been used to treat anxiety, arthritis, and certain blood conditions. It is commonly used for helping to relieve muscle and joint pain and to stimulate blood flow around the surface of the skin. One of the most common uses of Mucuna Pruriens is a potent herbal testosterone booster, backed up by several animal and human studies on both infertile and healthy male subjects. Mucuna pruriens protects male fertility against estrogenic assaults & restores testosterone levels. Mucuna Pruriens has been found to increase L-Dopa, which has been found to increase testosterone. Mucuna Pruriens contains 40 milligrams of L-Dopa per gram (1000 milligrams) of the bean. L-Dopa an amino acid that is the immediate precursor to Dopamine. Here are some studies investigating the effects of Mucuna Pruriens on testosterone levels.

Stunning muscular young men bodybuilder looking behindIn one study conducted at the Department of Biochemistry in Lucknow, India, they took 50 healthy men as a control population and 180 men with infertility problems. They provided them 5 g of dried powder of Mucuna Pruriens for a period of three months. At the end of the study, testosterone levels increased across the group of infertile men by as much as 3.7 to 5.9 ng/mL. Serum testosterone levels increased by 38% in the group of infertile men, and by 27% in the group of healthy men. Luteinizing hormone (LH) which is the stimulus for testosterone increased by 41% in infertile males, and by 23% in healthy males. Prolactin (which is a hormone that lowers testosterone) decreased by -32% in the group of infertile men, and by -19% in the group of healthy men. Semen parameters also improved in both groups, much more significantly in the group of infertile men, as there was not that much room for improvement among the healthy male group.

In the second study conducted at the Department of Biochemistry in Lucknow, India, same as the first study, but was conducted by Shukla, Mahdi, et al. This was a prospective study that took 75 healthy men for the control group and 75 men who were undergoing some type of infertility screening. They gave each male participant in the study 5 g of dried powder of Mucuna Pruriens for a period of three months.The researchers discovered that male participants who already had low testosterone levels saw a significant increase in testosterone levels at the end of this study period. Some of the levels increased from 3.89 to 5.40 ng/mL, 2.65 to 3.66 ng/mL, and 4.49 to 5.72 ng/mL. The researchers also found that Mucuna Pruriens improved dopamine, adrenaline, and noradrenaline levels in infertile men.

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