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Summer Survival Smoothies

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Summer Survival Smoothies

by Maria Faller and Stacy Moutafis –SM FITNESS

Summer has hit Long Island…the season of Barbecues, pool parties, beach parties, picnics and that age old feeling of being care free. With these joyful times we tend to overeat, over-drink and slack on our fitness regimes.

Summer seems to be just the right time to spoil my client’s hard work and healthy eating plans. Every Day I ask myself, how can I help them? How can we avoid the overeating of party food and desserts, the alcohol consumption and the lack of exercise?
In my practice, I always Stress the 80/20 rule year round…eat clean 80% of the time and you will be okay. Getting back on a healthy regimen the next day after indulging at a party is also a great way to avoid making bad habits stay along for the ride.
For Summer Survival remember the 80/20 rule and if you have a day that you overindulged-do not allow that one day to dictate the rest of the summer, Get back on track as soon as you can to repair any damage done.

So what is safe for summer gatherings? My advice, which I’ve spoken of numerous times publicly and to my personal clients, is to eat before you go. Fill up on better choices such as lean proteins and greens. Don’t miss meals …you’ll wind up eating double the calories out of plain starvation. Also stay hydrated with water, the body when dehydrated will automatically think its hungry with cells that are not nourished and filled with good old H20.

Remember, eat before you go to avoid filing up on high calorie, high fat foods and drink plenty of water! Aim fr a minimum of 64 oz a day to stay hydrated. Do not skip meals. This can be just as bad as over eating, if not worse. The last thing you want to do, especially on a super-hot day, is send your body into starvation mode and cause metabolic chaos. During the summer we get so pre occupied with fun in the sun, kid’s parties and vacations that it’s easy to skip meals. One of the best ways to avoid skipping and ensuring your body is still getting the fuel it needs is by having a protein smoothie. Infinite Labs whey protein contains the essential lean protein and amino acids your body needs for multiple functions. It assists in muscle recovery, helps build and retain lean muscle mass and can help with weight management. I recommend Infinite Labs protein to all my clients because there are zero carbs and they are always made fresh. The best part of enjoying a protein smoothie is actually having something that tastes like a sweet treat to beat the summer heat. Here is one of my great recipes for Protein smoothies using our favorite infinite labs protein and products.

Recipes by Stacy Moutafis

A. SummerBerry Blaster
1 Scoop Infinite Labs Vanilla Whey Protein
Raspberries’,Strawberriess, Blueberries- 1/2 Cup each
Made with water and ice. 1 8 oz Cup of water is Fine.

B. Chunky Monkey
1 Scoop Chocolate Infinite Pro Whey Protein
1 tablespoon Natural Organic Peanut Butter
1/2 Banana
1 8 oz. Cup Of water, and Ice

C. Italian Kiss
1/2 Scoop Infinite Whey cappuccino Protein
1/2 Scoop Infinite Pro Whey Vanilla
1/2 Cup Of Brewed Coffee
1/2 Cup Vanilla Almond or Coconut Milk
Ice and Blend

** You can even add Infinite Labs unflavored Vitamin C Crystals For an extra Immunity Boost. Stay hydrated, Healthy and safe! We hope You enjoy these Recipes as much as we do!

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