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INSIDER TIP: Intensify your Pre-Workout... Maximize your Workout!

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When Infinite Labs designed Juggernaut X, we wanted to scientifically create the best pre-workout with the best nitric oxide precursors, vasodilators, lactic acid buffers, and strength enhancers in one bottle. Juggernaut is used by just about every athlete imaginable with positive benefits, we have had positive feedback from football players, soccer players, endurance athletes, bodybuilders, MMA athletes, and more. Juggernaut X is the synergistic blend of several ingredients combined to give you a greater effect than either one used alone.

At Infinite Labs, our researchers spent countless hours researching the latest sports science research to find what ingredients, what dosages, and when to take your supplements to make you the best athlete possible. In the most recent study published in the prestigious Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research titled, “EFFECT OF COFFEE AND CAFFEINE INGESTION ON RESISTANCE EXERCISE PERFORMANCE” may persuade lifters to try consuming a combination of coffee and Juggernaut X for optimal workouts.

It’s well established that caffeine has some performance enhancing effects such as increasing repetitions to fatigue. For example, one study reported that caffeine ingestion increased voluntary activation of the quadriceps and neural drive. There have been many proposed mechanisms in which caffeine increases performance such as an increase in catecholamine secretion, enhanced calcium release, increased sodium-potassium pump activity, and inhibiting the inhibitory actions of adenosine.

Coffee has well over 1000 ingredients, many of which we still don’t know about. In the past, we assumed the performance enhancing effects of coffee were just due to caffeine, but the latest research suggests that coffee has performance enhancing effects in addition to caffeine. One study reported that coffee improved leg press 1-RM performance to a greater extent than caffeine while both coffee and caffeine attenuated the reduction in total work performed compared with placebo. This suggests that coffee has performance enhancing effects in itself, in addition to caffeine.

Researchers wanted to examine if the performance enhancing effects of coffee compared to caffeine. Subject performed resistance exercise on six occasions, the first being a familiarization session to establish one repetition maximum (1-RM) for the squat and bench press before they completed five sessions of the same the experimental resistance training protocols. The subjects were randomized to the following conditions:

Coffee: (0.15 g/kg caffeinated coffee (COF; 3.4g per 100g coffee = 5.1g/kg body weight),

  • Decaf Coffee: 0.15 g/kg decaffeinated coffee (DEC; 5mg caffeine per kg coffee = almost zero),
  • Decaf Coffee Plus Caffeine: 0.15 g/kg decaffeinated coffee plus 5 mg/kg anhydrous caffeine (D+C),
  • Caffeine: 5 mg/kg anhydrous caffeine (CAF), or
  • Placebo.

Each subject then started the 60% to failure squat protocol. The squat protocol was performed before the bench press protocol to replicate a real world training plan, as in most instances the most complicated exercises using the largest muscle groups are performed first.

At the end of the study, coffee and decaf coffee+ caffeine significantly improved performance in a resistance exercise protocol. Furthermore, total weight lifted in the squat protocol was significantly greater during the decaf and caffeine condition than the decaf, caffeine, and placebo conditions, and total weight lifted under the coffee condition was significantly greater than the placebo condition.

What’s interesting is that the study found that coffee has some performance enhancing effects independent of caffeine. If it were strictly caffeine, then the caffeine group should have performed better than the coffee group, which it did not. The author thought that coffee and caffeine have synergy when combined, and coffee also has several anti-oxidant effects. Coffee is rich in polyphenols which are classified as flavonoids, phenolic acids, lignans and stilbenes, and have been shown to have antioxidant potential.

So for those athletes that are looking for a kick ass workout, try drinking a cup of coffee before taking your Juggernaut, which contains caffeine. The synergistic effects of coffee and caffeine from Juggernaut X should provide some potent performance enhancing effects. 

 So try having a cup of coffee earlier before your workout and slam down a Juggernaut shortly after so you’re getting the benefits of coffee and caffeine, in conjunction with the other performance enhancing effects of.


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