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Infinite Labs BCAA Advantage

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By: Robbie Durand

The Advantage of Unflavored

Most people ask, “Why would you want to use unflavored BCAA’s?” Answer: People want new flavors on a regular basis.

In the past, one would buy grape or watermelon flavored BCAA powder and then be stuck for a month with that flavor. One of the reasons to use of the unflavored BCAA powder is that it can be mixed with anything!

Drink barHere’s a few of the possibilities…

Mix Infinite Labs BCAA Powder with:
• Unsweetened Ice Tea
• Zero calorie flavored drink mix (i.e., Crystal Light or Stevia-sweetened flavor powders)
• Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice with Infinite Labs BCAA Powder


BCAA Jello Shots!

If you are looking for a desert to make, mix unflavored BCAA powder with Sugar-Free Jello to make anabolic Jello. You got a bowl of virtually carb-free and fat-free jelly, loaded with BCAA’s

You will need:

1 scoop BCAAs
1 pack plain gelatin dessert mix
Prepare according to packaging directions, adding BCAA powder to the gelatin mix.

Great for Stacking with Your Favorite Pre-Workout Powder or Post-Workout Protein Shake

You can mix Infinite Lab’s Unflavored BCAA powder with any pre-workout drink for an extra anabolic kick. Another use of unflavored BCAA powder is to add it to your favorite post-workout protein shake for increased muscle recovery.

BCAAs have been a topic of interest in the last few weeks in the medical journals, if your not taking a BCAA supplement, here are a few articles, you should read:

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For more information about unflavored BCAA

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