Transformation Diet
Transformation Diet

Transformation Diet: Transition from Winter Bulk to Spring Shed

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Transformation Diet: It’s been a long winter and many gains have been made. There are quite a few folks who use the months of November through March to add size and strength. We get to eat lots of good food, train heavy, and rest more. It’s a fitness form of hibernation.

By Roger Lockridge


But now spring has sprung and that means summer isn’t too far behind so the time has come to focus on meal prep, up the cardio, and get ready to sculpt that size we built over the last few months. However one doesn’t simply go from one extreme to the other like flipping a switch to turn a light on or off. Attempting to do so can lead to a decrease in motivation, frustration with the process, and eventually failure. Put these tips into practice this year so you can make the transition smoothly and greatly increase your odds of a successful shred.



Transformation Diet: Have a Vision of your Future Self

An artist doesn’t simply throw paint on the canvas and see what the result is. There is a vision and a strategy in place. You must approach your summer plan the same way. How big do you want to be? What do you want to weigh? Is your goal a six pack or do you want to take it to the stage and get extremely lean? These are all questions to ask yourself and think carefully about the answers. You wouldn’t drive without putting a destination on the GPS. Don’t train and diet without a set goal is place.


Transformation Diet: Create a Solid Plan

There might be someone out there who can simply spend a few extra minutes on the elliptical and get ripped. For every person like that, there are 99 others who aren’t so lucky. If you’re one of those folks, you need to create your training plan, design your diet, and research what supplements you would need. This goes beyond writing out sets and reps, counting calories, and looking at labels. Set appointments to train like you would a meeting or doctor appointment. Take it that seriously. Commit a day or two a week to meal prep so you can save time fixing a meal when you’re running behind or trying to start your day ahead of schedule. Finally, research the supplements you want to take including success of ingredients and the feedback from customers that have already tried it.

Transformation Diet: Transition Slowly

You’ve been into a routine for months that involves what you eat, how you train, and when you rest. It’s not smart to go to sleep following one plan and wake up starting another right out of the gate. Making the change slowly can go a long way in helping you stay on track and finish the program strong. Take a week to slowly cut back on the calories and work in any new foods you’re eating. Start your cardio at 20 minutes before working up to 30 minutes or whatever you decide you need, and commit your mind each day to the new process. Going through this phase for 5-7 days will benefit you for the next 5-7 weeks after because you’ll remain motivated and will be able to stay on track which greatly increases the benefits of your new protocol.

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