Arnold Diet
Arnold Diet

The "Arnold" Diet: Look at the diet of one of the world’s best bodybuilders

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Arnold’s body is probably the best you could find on this planet. It is not like he spends his time in the gym throughout the day. If you want a body like him, you need a very well defined lifestyle, which has ‘diet’ as its major contributor. Your diet does not only aid in building a healthy body, but it also defines your aura. So let us have a look at the diet of one of the World’s best bodybuilders.

Arnold loves proteins, and his efficient muscles say it all. He says that if you are an athlete, then you require 1g of protein per pound of your body. If you an average person and your build are not that athletic, then 0.5 gram per pound is sufficient.
Protein is way more important for boosting up the repair of wear and tear in the body than any other component. Therefore, if you are trying to build up your body and you are working out as well, then you surely need a decent amount of protein.

Fat-free? No way!
There was a time when this trend was gaining a considerable applaud, but it’s not that great. Even if you want to lose weight, it is not a reasonable strategy to cut off the fat consumption. Of course, you should give up the fats which have a potential to harm your heart, but there is a difference between saturated and unsaturated fats.
You should not give up saturated fats if you want to stay healthy, build mass and get a lot of muscles, since these fats aid in the formation of testosterones.
Therefore, just to keep everything in balance, you should compensate about 10% of your daily calorie count from saturated fats such as beef and other dairy products.
For a very long period, athletes used to discard egg yolks because of their concerns regarding fats and cholesterol. Well, if you plan to drop your weight significantly, that could be considered. However, if you wish to turn your body mass into a solid muscular structure, then you should remember that egg yolks are quite rich in proteins and subpar a lot of other poultry items in comparison.

No Sugar Rule
Sugar does not only make you obese, but it also causes a variety of diseases, sabotaging your overall strive to maintain good health. Therefore, if something is naturally sweet, no issues. But you should avoid everything that is sugary otherwise.

Arnold Diet

Concluding all this, let me give you a very brief overview of his diet. This should be remembered that his aim has never been to lose the weight. He builds body mass and then indulges in workouts to turn that mass into muscles. So here is what he has to say in that regard.

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• Instead of eating 3 ‘full’ meals, you should go for about 5-6 meals per day
• After workout, get your daily carb count within 30 minutes
• After every 3 hours, you should eat about 40 grams of proteins. If needed, do not forget the option of protein shakes

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