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Dina Barela

Top 10 Ways to Succeed With Fitness Goals

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There are many ways to achieve fitness success and maintain a healthy lifestyle with a little hard work and dedication! Here I have put together my top 10 tips to help you stay focused and never feel like giving up. With developing good habits, setting smaller goals or even finding a friend to share your fitness goals with, you can keep yourself motivated and be successful in creating a healthier and happier you!

1. Pack your gym bag the night before. Prepare the foods you plan to take with you to work as well. Get a good amount of sleep and be sure not to skip meals. Take your Vitamins and other supplements! If you are fatigued, hungry or missing vital nutrients, physical activity is going to seem unappealing from the get go.

2. Be realistic! Stick to your clean and healthy diet, but allow yourself a cheat meal once a week. If you tell yourself not to eat your favorite foods ever again you will surely fail. You can end up feeling like staying healthy is too difficult if you set which can cause cause you to quit.

3. Having large goals can be overwhelming. Set weekly goals. By breaking up your large goals into small steps you will avoid feeling overwhelmed.

4. Hire a fitness professional, or having a partner or friend can help motivate you as well as put some accountability on you. You wouldn’t want to disappoint your partner right? But remember, you are who you associate with, so make friends who are positive and have the same goal that you have.

5. Keep track of what you do. Being able to see your progress can be exciting and a good motivator. It will also help you to see what needs to be adjusted. (What is working and what is not.)

6. Reward yourself. But, not with food! You could reward yourself with a spa day, new clothes, a movie night, the newest gadget you been wanting etc.!

7. Don’t beat yourself up when you slip up. Stay positive! One salad won’t make you skinny, and one cake won’t make you fat! If you feel like a complete failure, because you didn’t go to the gym one day or you ate all the chocolate ice cream, you will start to think you cannot be successful. Jump right back on and keep moving forward!

8. Try your best to stick to your goals for about a month. This will turn it into a habit. After about six months it will become a part of your fit and healthy lifestyle.

9. Join a fitness group, sign up for runs, bootcamps etc.! Being surrounded by people with the same goals as you is great! Bring your fitness partner along so you don’t feel as intimidated and they will help motivate you to go, especially if you’re shy at first. Meet new people and make new friends in the group to help encourage you to succeed.

10. Make your fitness goals as fun as possible! Listen to your favorite upbeat music, wear fun gym clothes, try new classes at your gym, new workouts online (as I will soon be publishing myself) etc. If you’re staying positive and having fun with your goals you are more likely to succeed. If you’re having trouble making it fun combine it with the things you love to do (like watching TV while cycling, on the treadmill, or the elliptical) and remind yourself why you are doing it by writing it down and putting it on your fridge. Like a fitness & health vision board on your fridge for a daily reminder and motivation! The top reason for all of fitness goals is the reward to extended healthy and happy life!


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