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Ten Weeks To More Lean Muscle

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There has been a ton of new research involving the latest science on post workout nutrition, so here is one of the most recent studies to keep you up on the ever changing world of protein research.

Latest Research: Ten Weeks To Enhance Peak Power

By Robbie Durand

In a poster presentation presented at the International Society of Sports Nutrition, researchers reported that cycling supplementing with BCAAs enhanced performance.

Researchers had trained cyclists use 12grams per day of BCAA (6g/d L-Leucine, 2g/d L-Isoleucine and 4g/d L-Valine) or a maltodextrin placebo over a 10-week training season. Before and after the 10-week study, the following was assessed: a) 4-h fasting blood draws; b) dual X-ray absorptiometry body composition; c) Wingate peak power tests; and d) 4km time-trials.

There was no increase in lean muscle mass but there was a significant effect on peak power (19% increase in the BCAA group pre- to post-study), and relative mean power (4% increase in the BCAA group pre- to post-study).

4km time trial time to completion approached a significant, as the BCAA group improved in this measure by 11% pre- to post-study, though this was not significant. The neutrophil levels of the placebo group increased by 18% whereas the neutrophil responses (Neutrophils are immune cells that swarm to injury sites for damage control and to kill any invaders) were blunted in the BCAA group.

This means that exercise was much more damaging and markers of immune function were increased in the placebo group.

Chronic BCAA supplementation improves sprint performance variables in endurance cyclists. Additionally, given that BCAA supplementation blunted the neutrophil response to intense cycling training, BCAAs may benefit immune function during a prolonged cycling season.

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