bodybuilding competition 2018
bodybuilding competition 2018

Bodybuilding Competition 2018 - 5 Things to Consider Before Your First Show

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By Abby Cronin

So you’ve been working out for a while. Your diet is on point, you’ve gotten pretty strong, and you want to take your fitness to the next level. At this point, many athletes consider entering their first bodybuilding competition. Here are a few things to consider before you take on the challenge of entering of bodybuilding competition 2018.

  1. How Long Have You Been Training?
    Bodybuilding competition in 2018 is one of the only sports where looks matter more than performance. Without a solid muscle base, a competition diet will do nothing for your physique other than make you smaller. If you start from square 1, a good rule of thumb is that you will need a year to get into competition ready shape. This includes the “bulking” phase to build up your physique and the “cutting” phase to get lean. If you have been training for 1+ years, your cutting phase will depend on how long your prep will be and how much fat you have to lose.
  2. How is Your Mental Strength?
    While physical strength will definitely play a role in helping you prepare for your bodybuilding competition 2018, mental strength will make or break you. Motivating yourself to get into the gym and train when you’re tired, hungry, and sore takes a lot of mental strength, and only gets harder as your progress in your prep. Further down the line, it’s also harder to be objective with your physique. An experienced coach can be hugely beneficial with this and help you keep a good outside perspective on your progress.
  3. Do You Have the Money?
    This is another not-so-fun part about competing that must be considered. Bodybuilding is an expensive hobby, and costs can add up quick. Meals, supplements, a coach, suit, and travel costs are all things to budget for when preparing for your bodybuilding competition.

bodybuilding competition 20184. Are You Willing to Sacrifice?
While the reward of competing is huge, it does not come without sacrifice. Your social life, personal time, relationships, and work all take the back seat to your prep. The best way to assess whether or not you are ready to compete is if you are ready to PRIORITIZE. If you are not at a place in life where you can prioritize your diet and training over most other things, bodybuilding competition 2018 may not be right for you.

5. Who Are You Competing For?
If the answer is anyone other than YOURSELF, you may need to reconsider entering your first bodybuilding competition. Competition prep is a personal test. While your significant other, coach, or friend may support your goals, it ultimately comes down to the time and effort you put in.

If none of these things deter you, a bodybuilding competition 2018 may be a great way to take your fitness to the next level. Good luck at your show!

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