Jan Dy: I am Juggernaut Winner - Infinte Labs
Jan Dy: I am Juggernaut Winner - Infinte Labs

Jan Dy: I am Juggernaut Winner

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Jan-Dy-1749320221-1When I first signed up for the I Am Juggernaut Challenge, who knew that it was just the start of an incredible fitness journey?The challenge opened many doors from meeting motivated, inspiring individuals to pushing my fitness level to new heights to getting valuable nuggets from pros to being avidly involved in the fitness world. It’s no wonder why I’m very thankful for being introduced to Infinite Labs. Not only did IAJ became an important point in my life, being able to incorporate quality products to supplement my current nutrition plan and training sessions has been an asset. Juggernaut HP has been my go-to pre-workout supplement since IAJ for stamina, endurance, focus, and extra pump. I love being able to use Whey Delite in many of the protein recipes I’ve made. Infinite Lab’s 100% Isolate Whey makes a delicious first meal with oatmeal in the morning and a quick mid-snack. Just have to make sure to reach my protein macro for the day! Infinite Force is a BCAA supplement to recover from training and makes a great tasty way to drink water. Final Cutz, Phenyl-core, and Final Form helped me get lean faster. Oxidane is such an effective diuretic that it’s incorporated for show times. CycloREM is an supplement for a restful sleep to give better focus and energy the next day.

I had such a great experience with I Am Juggernaut Challenge that I encourage anyone who wants to begin a fitness journey or step up their fitness level to enter. Just to be able to complete the 12-week challenge, take great products, get free advice from the pros, and meet new friends… the experience is definitely priceless.

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