Infinite Success Story: Justine Biscardi - Infinte Labs
Infinite Success Story: Justine Biscardi - Infinte Labs

Infinite Success Story: Justine Biscardi

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Infinite Success Story: Justine Biscardi

I began training with basic knowledge of health and fitness. I knew I was putting in hard work at the gym but not much had changed. I would lose a pound here and there and also gain a pound here and there except I would be at the gym at least 5 days a week working my butt off. It came to a point where I said to myself I know I’m getting my body moving daily and that’s great but I want to strive harder and make this count. I wanted to be proud of myself and show myself what I can accomplish. I had bigger dreams and goals than what I was seeing in the mirror and feeling on the inside.

After one full year of consistently working out in the gym and eating what I thought was healthy I turned to a personal trainer, Stacy Moutafis CEO of SM Fitness, LLC, for some expert advice on nutrition and training. Within 3 and a half months I transformed my body. I got the confidence I was looking for and a whole new outlook on how to make health and fitness into a lifestyle. This lifestyle change has been the best thing I could have done for myself and I now encourage others around me to find the best in themselves by doing the same.

Infinite Pro 100% Whey Protein
Whey “Looking to support your training regimen? Whey is a lean source of protein that has been shown to assist muscle recovery, weight management and lean muscle development.”

While training with SM Fitness, I was introduced to Infinite Labs products, which now I do not go a day without using their products daily. Using Infinite Labs products have been a major part of my health, growth, and recovery. I always start and end my day with Infinite One’s Vitamin C crystals to support my immunity which I count on greatly with my intense training. Now I have always had a hard time finding a protein I enjoy enough to actually take every day. Once I heard that Infinite Labs Whey Protein Isolate was made fresh daily with the purest ingredients I was looking forward to trying it out! But it didn’t stop there at just the interest.. I was in love with the protein! The taste was incredible, definitely exceeded my expectations of what powdered protein should be. Each day I couldn’t wait to fill my cup and try new flavors.


Advance muscle recovery
Promote vasodilation and cell volumization for greater amino acid delivery
Eliminate fatigue and lactic acid build up, allowing you to train with the same intensity throughout your entire workout

Throughout my training I have started on an amino acid that I enjoyed it taste great but after trying the BCAA with Infinite Labs again I was grateful. Of course the taste was great but it was more than that it allowed my body to recover. I was feeling dead leg after my intense workouts which was something I had to work through. After switching over to the Amino Restore I haven’t had that problem again. My body feels brand new and strong. I’m grateful for these products that have contributed to helping my body transform and continue to grow.

– Justine Biscardi

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