Bill Harmon: I am Juggernaut Winner - Infinte Labs
Bill Harmon: I am Juggernaut Winner - Infinte Labs

Bill Harmon: I am Juggernaut Winner

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Bill-Harmon-434623361-2My first entry to my journal was greeted with several comments from other contestants welcoming me to the challenge. They were all very positive and encouraging. I posted my pictures that showed what I was starting with as well as my goals, and immediately people were posting suggestions and encouragement. I was overwhelmed! This is when I decided that I was going to attack this challenge with everything I had. Not with the sole intention to win great prizes, but to get everything that I could from it as well as to push everyone else to their maximum potential.
I tried to make my journal as detailed, informative and entertaining as possible. My journal provided daily details on my workouts and nutrition, and provided images and videos on a regular basis. I knew I had to push myself. The more I pushed myself the better results I would get and the more other contestants would push themselves. A makeshift gym was set up in my backyard to do what I called my ‘Outdoor Circuit’. The equipment consisted of heavy ropes for rope undulations, a sledgehammer, jump rope, sand bags, plyo boxes, weights and tires. When I felt the need to push even harder, I took this equipment to the local High School where I added tire flips, sprints and car pushing in the parking lot. A lot of these things I may have never done if it wasn’t for this challenge and the other contestants encouraging me.

Throughout my 12 weeks, I made sure to visit every journal a few times a week. I didn’t go there just to post. I became involved with each contestant, sharing what they were going through and offer advice whenever I could, always offering encouragement. Some contestants were doing great and had everything together, so the most I could do was offer encouragement. Others I could tell were struggling. This is where I tried to focus most of my time. I became very close to some of the other contestants, even though we never met. When a new contestant started the challenge, I posted ‘Welcome to the Juggernaut Family.’ That is what it felt like we had become.”
“I started my fitness program on December 2010. We took a vacation and I didn’t like how I looked in the photos. I joined and ran across the Juggernaut Body Space Group. The people on that group were great. I spent most of my time there, and in the nutrition section. It was in the Body Space Group where I first heard about the I AM JUGGERNAUT Challenge. Hesitant to join at first (being pretty much a newbie and the challenge required you to log your workouts, nutrition, etc.) I wasn’t sure I wanted to post for everyone to read what I was up to.”

Bill-Harmon-434623361-1“Not only that, but you had to post pictures as well. I was five months into my program and I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. This is when I decided to join. The challenge was being presented as a challenge for everyone; no matter what stage of your fitness program. I wasn’t going into this challenge to win it. I was going in hoping to get some better results, pushing myself harder than I ever had been pushed. I wanted to see what I could accomplish.”
“This was a great challenge that reached a wide range of people. The contestants included body builders, power lifters, strongmen competitors, athletes, fitness buffs, beginners, teenagers, grandpas and females. Not only did this challenge provide motivation, but it was also a learning experience as we learned training, diet, and ideas from a wide range of people.”

“People ask me what was the best part of the prize package from Infinite Labs®. Going to Vegas was great. The Mr. Olympia Expo had a great atmosphere and I received a ton of free samples and shirts. The Olympia Finals was an incredible show. I never attended a body building event and couldn’t believe the excitement and electricity that was generated from an event like that. But anybody could have experienced the same thing by purchasing tickets. How many people went to Gold’s Gym with the original Juggernaut, IFBB Pro Joe Palumbo (JoeSwat) and NPC Model Hope ‘Smallwonder’ Trask for a videotaped training session? How often does a person like me get the opportunity to be on a cover of a magazine and featured in an advertisement in Iron Man® Magazine? For me, this was the best part of the prize package. It was the opportunity of a lifetime.”

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