Valerie A. Bishop: I am Juggernaut Winner

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Valerie-A.-Bishop--196356766-1In 2012 I discovered Infinite Labs and my life was never the same. It’s more than just a company. They aren’t looking to cheat you or make a quick dollar. When you invest in Infibite Labs, they invest in YOU. Rather you want to just lose weight or step on stage, they provide a community to help you the entire way. The I Am Juggernaut challenge brought me to new experiences and people who push and encourage you in all the best ways. There is no negative criticism, as the community understands that we’re all on our own journey, carving our own paths. There’s respect and a feeling of united community due to an unspoken understanding that the beauty is in the journey, not the destination.I loved the juggernaut challenge so much that with the new year I will embark on my final and third juggernaut challenge. I say final because after this round I will have exceeded my own limits and come farther than the first two challenges. Again, I am only where I am today due to Infinite Labs and these I am Juggernaut challenges. They have forever changed my life, in such ways that I now know my direction and purpose, and I have the best of Juggernauts to forever cheer me on.

Valerie A. Bishop