The Making of Juggernaut X

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The Future of Pre-Workouts Has Arrived: Juggernaut X

Back in 2008, I was looking to create a pre-workout supplement that had “everything but the kitchen sink” because I was tired of my kitchen looking like a chemistry lab. I had creatine, whey protein, maltodextrin powder, arginine, and citrulline powder- just to name a few. I wanted to create a supplement that had everything you needed for a grueling workout in the gym without having to have powders all over your kitchen counter. I named the product “Juggernaut” because I felt invincible in the gym when I took it. I was stronger; more focused, had better muscle pumps, and improved stamina when I took Juggernaut before any exercise. My training included weights, but I also used it before running, cycling, racquetball, etc. The original “Juggernaut” formula contained whey protein with maltodextrins because based on the research at the time, it was thought that combining whey protein and carbohydrates would accelerate protein synthesis, but science is always finding new ingredients to enhance performance, so the Juggernaut evolved as well.


Juggernaut HP: The Second Generation Juggernaut Pre-Workout

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Protein timing has been the gold standard for pre-workouts for decades. Athletes have been told that there is a window in which protein needs to be taken either pre or post-workout. A few years ago, researchers found that protein timing has no impact on lean muscle mass gains, they found that the total amount of protein in the diet was the most important factor for increasing lean muscle mass and on top of that; researchers found that carbohydrates had no impact on stimulating protein synthesis. I reformulated the next generation of Juggernaut HP in September of 2012 without carbs or whey protein. I figured that many people were getting plenty of protein in their diet, and I did not want any ingredient to slow down the absorption kinetics of the formula with Juggernaut HP. I wanted something that gave the users a sustained source of energy during their workout, and adding protein can slow absorption kinetics, so I formulated Juggernaut HP to contain creatine, beta alanine, and caffeine, along with other ingredients. Juggernaut HP has been a huge success and is still one of the best pre-workouts on the market, but once again I wanted an even better pre-workout than Juggernaut HP.


Enter Juggernaut X

I went back to the drawing board this year on a quest to further improve the Juggernaut HP. I recently introduced the Infinite One Series, which has no fillers, no flavoring, and no additives: just single-ingredient, top-quality nutritional supplements designed to target specific health and fitness goals. We continued getting requests from customers asking for a high-quality single ingredient supplement. The Infinite One Series now gives consumers the ability to create their own nutritional blends with only the ingredients they need.


I had Juggernaut HP and several stand-alone ingredients in the Infinite One Series, from citrulline, to beta alanine, agmatine, creatine, and tyrosine. I started adding these ingredients in various dosages to see if they would amplify the effects of Juggernaut HP. Sometimes I would add too much, and sometimes I wouldn’t add enough, but finally I found the perfect mix for each ingredient. This trial and error was based on the examining of all the clinical studies and using the exact dosages used in peer-reviewed studies. The problem that I came across was that many studies would examine the effects of single ingredients (such as citrulline, beta alanine, creatine, etc.), but had never published a study that added all of the ingredients together in one formula and examined the effects on performance. Many of the pre-workout formulas that I have tried are full of caffeine, and have always resulted in high energy, and later a crash. It did not give me a great workout, just major jitters. Juggernaut X is not just an energy pre-workout supplement, but also a performance enhancer with ingredients to increase focus, enhance muscle strength and power, and also support intense muscle pumps.


Juggernaut X was just released last week, and I am proud to say that the first order was sold out in one day. We just received another shipment from the manufacturer this week, and I firmly believe that this is the best pre-workout on the market. If you’re not happy with the product, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy; just return it for a full refund. I have sent samples to athletes in many different sports such as cyclists, runners, football players, racquetball players, and also hardcore lifters and they have all responded favorably to Juggernaut X. If you are ready to take your performance to the next level, try Juggernaut X and get ready to experience the future of pre-workouts.