IFFB Pro Elisa Reynoso – Hamstring Series Work Out Part 3

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Warming up the hamstrings hips and core is important in order  to be able to lift a good amount of weight when doing lower body.

In this series we r Performing a full body banded squat series while using the core to engage  the Glutes in a kick formation pulling away across the body formation and really squeezing your last as well.

Perform warmup & workout 4x through

Warmup :

-full body band warm up 10 left 10 right

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-Hip thrusters with an abduction 10 reps

        squat jumps banded 10 squat jumps

        Hip & Hamstring stretch

Hamstrings series part 3 :

Perform warmup & workout 4x through

Workout :

-power / sumo deadlift followed by Romanian deadlift  20 -15 -10 -8 ( go up in weight every time )

-high intensity / Russian kettle swings ( 25 reps challenging weight )

-glute step ups ( 10 left 10 right )