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Infinite Labs

Infinite Labs is a supplement company that has on staff the highest trained fitness and nutrition experts.Infinite Labs was established in 2007 and since then has become a global leader in the sports nutrition marketplace through our dedication to creating innovative, dynamic, cutting-edge, and products.
fitness tracker

Top 5 Reasons You Should Wear a Fitness Tracker

We use technology for everything from work to cooking to entertainment. Why not use it to get fit? Here are 5 reasons you should...

Get Titanic Triceps with These 3 Workout Moves

By now you likely know that if you want bigger arms then you must give triceps the most attention. This is because they take...
Bench Max

6 Tips to Improve Your Bench Max

It might be the most asked question in the history of lifting. Powerlifters take more pride in the squat or deadlift. Strongmen show their...
treat depression

Feeling Blue? 5 Ways Exercise Can Treat Depression

Whether you've been diagnosed with clinical depression or just feel a bit under the weather, we've all had times when our mental health needs...
rear delt

Bringing Up the Rear…Delts

Quick. Name the first two shoulder exercises that come to mind. My guess would be that the first one is some sort of press...
unilateral training

Go Solo: Add Unilateral Training to Your Bodybuilding Workout Plan

One of the most popular reasons for starting a workout plan is to get stronger, but many go about accomplishing this goal the wrong...
better sleep

Save Your Gains: 6 Overlooked Tips for Better Sleep

Most athletes check off the training, nutrition, and supplement boxes when it comes to pursuing personal fitness, but one box is often neglected. Sleep...
shoulder workout

Supersize Your Shoulders with this 6 Move Finisher Shoulder Workout

If you get excited about training like I do, then you know that feeling of adrenaline or the rush that comes with the first...
Positive Words Lead to Positive Actions

Positive Words Lead to Positive Actions

They say where the mind goes the body follows. In other words, you need the right attitude and a positive mindset to achieve the...

3 Mental Pitfalls You Should Avoid to Reach Success

3 Mental Pitfalls You Should Avoid to Reach Success We all want success in our lives and sometimes knowing what you shouldn't do is just...